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From individuals to companies, with our professional assistance, clients receive all services comprehensively and reliably from just one source. Our services have been proven to save time and costs for companies as well as private individuals.

Employee Relocation
As an internationally focused relocation consultant FINKLERrelocation is the perfect partner for your company to ensure a smooth transition when moving national and international employees to a new home. A FINKLERrelocation consultant will offer professional assistance to each employee so they may be expeditiously settled and ready to give 100% at their place of work. Your employees will be spared wasted time, the trouble of fruitless searches, long wait times at public authorities, and countless timeconsuming details. A FINKLERrelocation representative can free them from these activities leaving more time to devote to new professional challenges.

Individual Relocation
There is much to consider when moving to a new area for work or retirement. As our client you can trust our competent, time-saving, cost–effective services. A FINKLERrelocation consultant will be assigned to you personally to assist you through legal formalities,

adapting to a new social environment, and overcoming cultural and language barriers.

Go to our Senior-Plus page to see how FINKLERrelocaton will take on the numerous small and large burdens that come up during a relocation so you may look forward to the change in your life eagerly and with stress-free anticipation.

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